Welcome to the Barry-Roubaix,
please read the following information to make your race day safe and enjoyable.



  • Don’t be a dick! Everyone’s looking to enjoy the day, don’t be “that person”

  • This race course is open to traffic, including the occasional horse back rider, obey all traffic laws and the instructions of Sheriff Marshals and volunteer corner marshals at intersections, and only roll through if you are directed to do so. You may be asked to stop for your own safety.

  • I repeat, the course will NOT be closed to traffic and cycling rules of the road apply, i.e. stop at all stop signs, yield to cars, no more than 2 riders abreast and do not cross yellow center line. Violations could be penalized by disqualification

  • Number plates must be handlebar mounted. To reduce scoring errors and issue; DO NOT CUT, FOLD, WRAP OR BEND YOUR PLATE!!!!! Also only place your plate on the bars; Not on your back, camelbak, pocket, etc.

  • If you didn’t complete your race distance, do not cross the finish line and inform the timing team for results accuracy

  • Any physical altercations will result in disqualification

  • Cheaters aren’t welcome. If you’ve been found guilty of cheating/ doping by USAC or other races, we have the right to deny you from racing and will remove you from results listings if caught in a year you raced BRX

  • Helmets are mandatory

  • No e bikes, recumbents, elliptical bikes or three wheeled bikes are allowed to race

  • No ear buds / music allowed

  • No tri-bars or aero bars allowed (EXCEPTION: They ARE allowed for the 100-mile Psycho Killer)

  • Motor pacing is not allowed

  • Pacing a teammate is allowed if the Pacer is a registered rider. You can not assist a rider with physical contact, i.e. pushing someone up hills

  • If you can not ride a steep hill or loose sand, stay to the far right so others can pass by while riding

  • Littering of any kind is not allowed and will be grounds for disqualification

  • Starting in the wrong wave will result in disqualification!

  • Crew, family and friends; to reduce vehicle traffic on the course please keep cars completely off race route roads. Especially stay off Sager Rd during the race. Do not even think of driving or parking there.

  • Crews are not allowed to follow racers (via bike, car, scooter, etc) during the race

  • All racers may only receive hand-ups from friends or family at the aid stations listed on the race maps.

  • No beer or alcohol is allowed outside of the beer awards fencing. BYOB is not allowed on city properties or streets



  • Please ride smart, your life and the well being of others is more important than this race

  • In the event of an on course emergency, call 911 or locate a corner marshal or sheriff

  • Race officials reserve the right to delay the start if unsafe weather conditions are present

  • We will provide sweep vehicles if you need a ride back to the finish line due to injury or mechanical but it may be several minutes before you get a lift. They will not be carrying a full assortment of repair items so carry your own bike items and know how to use them

  • Please let race officials know if you drop out. Everyone must be accounted for

  • Immediately exit the finish shoot after crossing the line.

  • Disposable timing chips are fastened to the back of your number plate in advance.

  • Do not remove the timing chip sticker on the back of your number plate!

  • Do not trim you number plates down! Do not use zip ties, they will tear the plate. Use the twist ties provided.

  • Please do not cool down on parts of the race course

  • We are not responsible for citations issued by a sheriff for not following the rules of the road

  • We are not responsible for damaged or stolen bikes. Lock them up!

  • Electronic results are furnished by Newton Timing. Live Results are available online immediately after you finish

  • When results are posted riders will have 15 minutes to contest or dispute results. After that results are final.

  • The race is scored as a shot gun start. Your time starts when the wave starts and not when you cross the start mat.

  • Please attend the awards if you’re a top finisher in your race category

  • No beer or alcohol is allowed outside of the beer awards fencing. BYOB is not allowed on city properties or streets


All race information, Start waves and times will be finalized and communicated the week of the race. You’ll receive this information via your Bikereg email you used to register for the race.
Your wave and start time will also be listed on the back of your number plate