We’ve all seen those horror movies. You know, the ones where the crazed killer is lurking in a dark house where the phone line has been cut and the victim just keeps going further into the house as opposed to just running out the front door? Yeah, that victim is you and the Psycho Killer 100 course is the masked murderer lurking behind the door.
The Psycho Killer 100 mile race is geared towards those unique individuals who enjoy a long day in the saddle, those type of folks that both adore and despise the terrain that lay before them, and the people who find great pleasure in pushing through the pain and fatigue to survive and see another day.
Those considering to race this distance consider yourselves forewarned, this ain’t no flat and well manicured gravel road tour. You’re going to find all the hills, sand and loose gravel that the dark side of your heart desires.

On a serious note: This race course is designed to be extremely difficult. There are sections where you will more than likely have to walk at one point or another. Sager Rd will remain in the course regardless of conditions. There areas where you will be over 20 miles form the start/finish and 15 miles from an aid station. Spring in Michigan can bring with it volatile weather from 80 degrees and sunny to 35 degrees and heavy rain, you will need to be prepared to handle the elements for the duration of the event. Maintaining an average pace of 10mph including breaks, course navigation and rest stops will not be easy. A high level of fitness and preparedness will be required to complete this event, and preparation should not be taken lightly!

Okay then, you’re one sick puppy! Now that you’ve convinced yourself this is for you, here’s what you can expect….


  • 100 mile cue sheet

  • 100 mile GPS route (you may need to be logged in to Strava to download the file)

  • Map – printable 8.5 x 11

  • The course will NOT be marked. We will have cue sheets, maps and a downloadable GPS file. You will also have numerous corner marshals as the 100 mile route covers a lot of the 36 & 62 routes.

  • Registration for the April 13, 2019 Barry-Roubaix opens Dec 1 at 8 AM E.s.t on

  • Race is capped at 300 registered racers so don’t wait and cry when it’s all sold out!

  • Price: 12/1 $70, 1/1 $75, 2/1 $80, 3/1 $85, 4/1 $90

  • In addition to the Barry-Roubaix swag bag, registering racers of the Psycho Killer will receive a Psycho Killer stem cap.

  • If you finish… you will finish in the race chute to the cheers of your adoring fans.

  • Finish under 6.5 hrs and receive a custom Psycho mug (only for the 100 mile racers)

  • Two race categories: Women’s Open and Men’s Open

  • 100 miles and approx. 6,800 feet of climbing.

  • You will start in one wave escorted through Hastings to Cook st. by the Hastings City Police. Don’t fret, you’ll still get to ride all of the hits from the 62 and 36 miler such as the Three Sisters, Sager Road, and The Wall. Lucky for you, we’ve added a few new sections to get you up to that 100 mile mark including such soon to be classics as; “Sager Canyons”,”Hartbreak Hill” and “Bassett Lake Beatdown”.

  • Race start time: 7:00 AM  at normal Start chute (corner of Green st. and Church st.)

  • The course will NOT be marked.

  • Distance from start to first aid station: 36 miles

  • Distance from start to second aid station: 58 miles

  • Distance from start to third aid station: 81 miles

  • Aero and Tri Bars ARE allowed on the 100-mile race if you’d like to use them

Cut off times: For the safety of racers there will be three cut off time checkpoints with a 10 mph enforcement. Times will be adjusted if the race starts after 7 AM
– race start to the first aid station (mile 36) by 10:36AM
– race start to the second aid station ( mile 58 ) by 12:48 PM
– race start to third aid station ( mile 81) by 3:06 PM

  • Aid stations will have volunteers serving; Infinit Nutrition GoFar, Water, Cliff bars and Cliff ShotBloks, Bananas, Oranges

  • You may only receive ride support ( from your team, family or volunteers) at the aid stations

  • Awards: No cash awards, Top 10 Women and Top 10 men will each receive custom trophies and 6.5 hour mugs awarded on stage at the awards after-party

  • You can ride but you can’t hide….