ATTENTION RACERS: Important information on race course merging and rider safety. With over 3,000 people out on the course there will be lots of passing and rider interactions. Be sure to let your presence be known politely while passing others, and if you're just cruising along be sure to stay to the far right so quicker riders can safely pass. Approximately 5 miles from the finish the 62 and 100 mile routes merge back with the 22 and 36 mile course. All riders will share this final stretch so it's important to be aware of your surroundings and to be KIND to one another! Faster riders, it is your duty to safely overtake other riders. If you're at the front of a large group it's your duty to communicate to the group what's going on. No one's race is any more important than anyone else's. Have fun and be kind to one another out there, it's that attitude that makes gravel racing so special!

Barry Roubaix